The Climatology Research Laboratory

The Climatology Research Laboratory (CRL) occupies the rooftop room of the Geography-Geology Building (GGY) at The University of Georgia. As a participant in the UNIDATA program, the CRL receives an internet feed of real-time meteorological data, forecasts, model output and radar and satellite imagery. The CRL also receives realtime data feeds through a PlanetaryData Inc. NOAAport satellite receiver. Inside the CRL

About the Station

The CRL maintains two weather stations, one used for continuous observations presentated on this web site. The wireless Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station takes observations every two minutes (.csv format) on temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation, wind speed and direction. Observations extend back to 1999. Graphics are created using the Virtual Weather Station software. Observations of sky cover, visibility and significant weather are taken from the Athens ASOS site at the Athens Municipal Airport, located approximately 3 miles due east of the CRL. This may explain discrepancies in observed weather or sky cover from what appears on the CRL skycam.

Please visit our climate information page for a multitude of observations from our station.

Faculty Contact Information

Andrew J. Grundstein

John A. Knox
Associate Professor

Thomas L. Mote
Professor, CRL Director, and Geography Dept. Head

J. Marshall Shepherd
Georgia Athletic Assocation Professor
Director for Program in Atmospheric Sciences


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